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These general terms and conditions apply to any offer of the WhyClub.
Validity: From August 2017.

In addition to the General Terms and Conditions of WhyClub, additional terms and conditions of the corresponding course provider may apply to each course. These can be in Information section of the course will be viewed The WhyClub is not responsible for the content of the terms and conditions defined by the course provider.

These general terms and conditions govern the rights and obligations in connection with the Use of the website "whyclub.ch" (hereinafter referred to as "platform") Services offered.

1. Definitions
Users are referred to as visitors to the platform who do not yet have a personal profile on Www.lawbrary.ch opened. You will only have access to the online laws, but not access to Other functions of the platform (e.g. cross-reference function, note function, highlighting function etc.).

As a member, visitors to the platform are called Personal profile (free of charge) on whyclub.ch and thus have a personal Login. You get access to the advanced features of the platform (e.g. booking a course, Create and manage your own courses, support, etc.).

As a "contribution", any publication of a content written in its own responsibility shall be Member on the platform.

2. Scope and Subject
These general terms and Conditions (GTC) of the WhyClub, Sun-4333 Münchwilen, Switzerland (hereinafter "operator") as well as the These terms and conditions as binding, in addition to the terms and conditions stipulated, regulate the use of the platform in the Related rights and obligations.
These GTC shall in particular govern the use of the operator's current and future, Online products offered for payment or free of charge by the user resp. The member. In Supplement to these terms and conditions, the relationship between the operator and a member is also Defined by the use agreements which may be individually concluded. A tariff regulation introduced at a later stage is an integral Part of these GTC.

3. Consent and modification of these GTC
It is agreed that the use of the Platform as a binding consent to these General terms and conditions.
Any changes or additions to the GTC shall be submitted to the user or to the member in writing communicated by email or on the platform. If the new GTC are not used within 14 days after the After the end of this notice of opposition, the service shall continue to be The new GTC shall be deemed to have been accepted.

4. Scope of services
The operator places the website whyclub.ch its users and members on watch as Platform for

The operator acknowledges the The following provisions, a non-compliance agreement shall not be imparted to the Exclusive right to use the service.

The operator will provide its Internet services from the point of view of the greatest possible Care, reliability and availability. However, it does not guarantee that your Internet services are accessible without interruption, that the connection to the servers Can always be established or that the data stored in the systems is kept under all circumstances.

To the extent that the operator offers partner services within the framework of its Internet services, the Their availability according to their provisions. In no event shall the operator be liable for faults and/or interruptions concerning these partner services.

The operator enables the users/members to maintain courses on their own. For the entire The content of these courses is solely the responsibility of the creators. The operator will be Of the legislation, and in the event of a breach of the law, they shall promptly examine the content Remove from the system.

The operator further allows the user/member to use various communication channels (forum, direct contact, etc.). The contents of these areas are exclusively the responsibility of the user/member.

5. Profile
The recording of a personal profile requires the prior registration on the platform. In doing so, the user creates a user ID and a password with which he or she has a login Subsequently free access to the profile contents he has collected and his contributions («Mein WhyClub») and can edit it. By registering, the user becomes a member. The member sets up his profile on the platform independently. It is for its content and for all Other data communicated by him. The member ensures the legality, Accuracy and topicality of this data. It is required to comply with applicable laws and professional Obligations,, in particular as regards the exercise of the profession, establishment and job title To observe and monitor them independently. The member may only Misleading information about himself. The operator reserves the right to Disallowed to delete unacceptable profiles without notice and justification immediately. Each member may only create a personal profile and may not allow third parties to To use your own profile.

6. Legal status of Whyclub.ch
The operator is not obligated to respect the behaviour of its users/members in connection with the To control the use of the platform. In particular, the operator is entitled, but not The contributions published on the platform by its members to their Legality, correctness or other admissibility in any way. This is In particular, the system used by the members in their own responsibility to Upload posts and evaluate these posts by other members. There is no entitlement to registration, membership or general use of the platform or Use of whyclub.ch services. In particular, the operator is free to To refuse a registration at any time or to exclude a member, To prohibit use Or to set up a service. The operator is authorized to post individual contributions on the website at any time without To delete reasons. This also applies in particular to contributions Category, obviously not seriously meant contributions and those that have rights Third parties. From corresponding deletions, no claims can be made against the Be derived from the operator.

7. Membership
Membership as a registered user is a precondition for the use of Platform functions that, in addition to the online legal function, also have access to contributions and Search functions as well as for the use of password protected areas (especially a personal profile).

Registration and membership are free of charge. Membership is personal and non-transferable.

Personal Information
The information to be entered at the time of registration must be correct at all times. In the case of changes, The member is obligated to immediately submit his personal data to the personal user account So that the information is complete and correct at all times. The operator can Provide additional information and/or verifications for specific functions at any time, or Relinquish.

Start of Membership
The membership begins with the sending of an e-mail confirmation by whyclub.ch after Registration and acceptance of these GTC.

Termination of membership by the member
The termination of the membership is possible at any time, those of current individual User contracts shall be governed by their provisions or shall be subject to a notice period of one Month at the end of the relevant reference period. The stock of the A member of any services already paid, the termination does not Touched. Any contributions made by the member, as well as submitted and received evaluations, may also be Continue to appear on the platform upon termination of the membership.

Termination of membership by the operator
Termination of membership by the operator
The operator is entitled to be a member for factual reasons, in particular in case of disregard of the Terms and conditions, at any time, to prohibit use or to disclose a service, Without any claims on the part of the operator. The operator is further entitled to temporarily block a member/user or Definitively excluded if it appears likely that another already blocked or The excluded member through this account or if there is a reasonable suspicion that the That the member has infringed the rights of third parties. Any contributions by the member as well as Evaluations submitted and received will also appear after the termination of the membership Continue on the platform.Excluded members have no right to sign up without consent of the operator to re-register as a member, whether under its own It under foreign name. Counteracts against this provision will be subject to CHF 500. – In Charged.

8. User/Member obligations in general
Secrecy of Access data
The member is obligated to provide the operator with the notification of the Personal password at any time and never be known to third parties. Or to make it accessible.

Technical interventions
The use of mechanisms, software or other scripts which are subject to the proper interfere with the operation of the website is prohibited. Users and members may not take any action Unreasonable or excessive burden on the infrastructure of the platform. could have.

Content of contributions
Whyclub.ch saves for the member his uploaded contributions or merely mediates The required storage space and access to it. Therefore, only the members of the On the platform are responsible and shall provide the operator with all the documents The resulting claims of third parties. The exemption includes in particular also the costs of Appropriate law enforcement and defence.
Contributions that a member publishes on the platform or in any other way via whyclub.ch In particular, may not infringe any intellectual property rights of third parties. The member May Publish only articles on the whyclub.ch website which it has created and/or the It is entitled to publish. In the event of a breach of this responsibility, the operator shall Liability and is entitled to temporarily suspend the member concerned. and demonstrably intellectual property rights of third-party infringing contributions without Compensation claim of the member.

Personal rights of third
Contributions which a member publishes on the platform in any form or type Other way, may not violate any personal rights of third parties; Especially may not be offensive, obscene, defamatory, harassing, defamatory, denigrating, decreasing, discrediting, etc.

No advertising
Contributions which a member publishes on the platform in any form or type Other way, no pure (self-) advertising without factually relevant content may be Represent. The operator reserves the right to send such contributions immediately and without To remove reimbursement of any service fees paid by the member from the platform.

Use of content
The right to use according to the intended purpose is entitled to search and read access on the Computer of the user/member and the expression of the document for the purpose of private use. A Further or deviating use, in particular the further duplication or the Other revaluation of documents or other elements of the database or individual parts This is only within the scope of private personal use according to article 19 para 1 lit. A URG or with Prior written consent of the provider; Such consent may be be revoked at any time by the operator. The systematic or automated retrieval of Documents or other elements of the database or individual parts thereof, the Creation of systematic collections of retrieved documents as well as the dissemination of Such elements, the making available to third parties and their dissemination in other systems are not permitted.
The operator shall be entitled to take technical measures which may result in the use of the Can be detected or prevented and tracked. In particular, it may Tag documents and other database content, digital protection mechanisms or install appropriate access locks.The user or the Member may not Use of equipment, products or other means intended to ensure that these technical Measures to circumvent or overcome (art. 39a URG). In particular, it shall not Use web crawler, spider programs, metasearch engines, or similar technologies Which automatically retrieves content from the online database. In the event of abusive use, the The operator is entitled to block access to the database immediately. Other rights and Rights of the operator, in particular the right to extraordinary termination from an important As well as claims for damages remain unaffected.

9. Publishing Posts
Every member who has registered a profile on the platform is entitled to access the personal login area To capture posts and upload them to the platform under your own name. Such Legal contributions shall be made by the member without prior control by the The operator is immediately published on the platform and can be freely viewed on the Internet. Contributions Dievornehmlich to self-promotion are not permitted. For the content and legal The participant is solely responsible for correctness. The operator reserves the right to To delete unauthorised contributions without notice and justification immediately. The legal contributions written by the participant may not be subject to the applicable law, the Morals and/or these GTC. In particular, the rights of third parties (name, Copyright, data protection Law, etc.) To be observed. The member ensures and guarantees that the Use of the contributions to the design of its profile or in the context of the collection of Legal contributions, is entitled and does not oppose any rights of third parties. iolations of legal regulations or these GTC entitle the operator to immediate deletion The corresponding contributions or in severe cases for the immediate blocking of the entire profile. The member grants the operator free of charge the simple, transferable, temporal, spatial and Unrestricted content, texts or images that are used to design his or her profile or in the In the context of the collection of contributions, to be publicly available for commercial purposes, Make, reproduce and disseminate. A transfer of these rights of use to partners for the The operator is fully permitted to increase the range. Additional rights does not acquire the operator. The member acknowledges that other users or members of the platform Postings (except for subject-related courses or other chargeable content) can view and print freely and agree.

10. License and ownership of the content of the platform
All rights to the information, elements and contents of the website whyclub.ch, Including the trademark, copyright and other proprietary rights contained therein are the property of the The operator, or there are rights of use granted by third parties for the benefit of the operator. All rights to the software and other works, services, procedures, equipment, Designs, technologies, brands, companies, inventions and all materials that are Related to the platform and, in particular, to the requirements imparted by the Content and information made available to the operator shall remain in the Operator.The operator will take legal action in the event of an infringement. Without the prior express written consent of the operator, the reproduction, transmission, alteration and/or linkage of information, elements and content of the platform for public and/or commercial purposes in any form expressly prohibited. User premises of the operator with the provision of data and/or Information on the platform the right to edit and use it in all ways. The operator does not acquire any additional rights.

11. Data Protection
The privacy policy is an integral and binding part of these terms and conditions.

12. Disclaimers
The operator is only liable for direct damage caused by intentional or grossly fahrlässige own Action. Liability of the operator for direct damages in case of slight negligence – Irrespective of the legal grounds, it is subject to mandatory legal provisions expressly excluded.Liability for indirect damages or consequential damages, Which legal reason – is fully and explicitly excluded.

Technical faults, maintenance
The website of whyclub.ch can temporarily not be used for maintenance or other reasons. or only limited, without the user or the member being provided with the Claims against the operator. In particular, it excludes any liability for Damage caused to the user/member due to the lack of availability of the whyclub.ch The database system in use.

Members and third
In particular, the operator is not liable for damage caused to users, members or third parties by the Behaviour of other Members or third parties in connection with the use or Misuse of the platform.

The operator does not give any guarantee to the users/Members in connection with the Platform. In particular, it does not grant any assurance for the accuracy, accuracy, reliability, D388The topicality, adequacy or completeness of the information contained or accessible on the platform and excludes any liability for incomplete or faulty content. All information is provided without guarantee. Members who have database content or Provide legal information on the platform, guarantee that the published Information is accurate and does not infringe the intellectual property rights or other rights of Hurt.

Linked Websites
The operator assumes no responsibility for the topicality, correctness, legality, Completeness or quality of the content of websites accessible via links on the platform and excludes any liability in this connection.

13. Exemption
Wenn andere Mitglieder, Nutzer oder Dritte Ansprüche gegen die Betreiberin geltend machen wegen Verletzung ihrer Rechte durch von einem Mitglied veröffentlichte Beiträge oder Inhalte oder wegen der sonstigen Nutzung der whyclub.ch-Webseiten durch Mitglieder oder Nutzer, so stellt dieses Mitglied bzw. dieser Nutzer die Betreiberin von sämtlichen Ansprüchen frei und übernimmt auch die Kosten der Rechtsverteidigung der Betreiberin (inkl. Gerichts- und Anwaltskosten).

14. severability clause
Should individual provisions of these GTC be wholly or partially void and/or ineffective, If the validity and/or effectiveness of the remaining provisions or parts of such provisions. The invalid and/or ineffective provisions shall be governed by such which are in accordance with the meaning and purpose of the invalid and/or ineffective Economically the closest. The same applies to any gaps in the Regulation.

15. Applicable law and legal venue
All disputes arising in connection with the present GTC between the operator and the and a user or (current or former) member are subject to Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction is, unless otherwise stipulated by law, Aargau, Switzerland.

Frauenfeld, August 2017
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